A New Season

A nail-biting win on the road sets Cal up to be 2-0 for the first time in a while.  Cal has taken the first step in their 12-step/game program to recovery.

While you can’t read anything into a single game, it would have been a shattering experience for the team to lose after leading 31-7, so their ability to defend and then hold on to the ball to the gun was impressive.

Next question: can they run the ball?  They will get to practice balanced offense against Sac State which will certainly try to pop the balloon – let’s hope that the Bears will carry forward the first two quarters of play last week.

I’m seeing 42-21 although problems with the Toms offense could see a more lopsided score – in any case I expect Cal to rotate a lot of players on both offense and defense to give them game experience so expect a few miscues.

With half of the Pac-12 ranked in the Top-25, most of the attention will be on the $C-‘furd and Sparty-Duck matchups which may weigh heavily on the selection of one of the four playoff slots.  All four teams will be great at the end of the season but who can play that well this early in the season? Home Cards and Quacks have the edge, but don’t be surprised if both games go OT when the kickers get to decide it (College football OT is almost as bad as World Cup OT with penalty kicks).

In early action, ‘zona squeaked by UTSA or was it USTA – or is that tennis?  Anyway, mark ‘zona down as another potential Cal road upset after the bye week.  3-0 may be possible, but let’s squash the Tomatoes first.

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