Time for the Huskies to have a bad day

That’s what it’s coming to, Bears.  After opening the season with four straight wins, the Huskies have a three-game losing streak going.  That’s one of the most encouraging things I’ve heard all day! UW QB Keith Price has a messed-up … Continue reading

Bears, Beavers, and Pumpkins

So the Bears are playing the team (Oregon St.) that slaughtered the team (WSU) that slaughtered us. OK, we knew going in that we had the 2nd least experienced team in FBS, AND the toughest schedule — and that was … Continue reading

Press ‘Reset’

Saturday’s contest between Cal and WSU looks to be pivotal.  First, the Bears are coming off one of the worst losses that a team can experience — a total melt-down & beat-down, all in a horrible rainstorm that had Duck … Continue reading

From Portland St. to Ohio St.

If there was ever a game in the nation’s toughest schedule where the nation’s 2nd-youngest team could take a breather, let up, and try not to get hurt, last week’s game against Portland St. was it.  Add the Vikings’ yearning … Continue reading

Albacore Tuna Recipe

Dan’s Salmon & Albacore Marinade 1.5c (12 fl oz) soy sauce (low sodium preferred) 3/8 c brown sugar (that’s 1.5 quarter-cup scoops) 1 – 1.5 c (8 – 12 fl oz) Kern’s apricot nectar or mango juice** 4 cloves garlic, … Continue reading

Albacore Tuna Story

We’re doing a little cross-promotion this week with our FishLine app as we’re having Grilled Albacore Tuna for this week’s tailgate.  Dan went to Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay a little while ago and bought a whole Albacore.  … Continue reading

Viking Invasion

I’m *still* excited from last week! Jared Goff’s performance against #22 Northwestern, in his first college game, was nothing short of spectacular.  Coaches Dykes and Franklin managed to prepare a completely inexperienced, true freshman QB, and an offense comprised mostly … Continue reading

Prediction: Who Will Show Up Today?

That has always been the question — not just during the Tedford Era, but as far back as I can remember.  I’m always optimistic before the first game of the season, when all the unknowns are still unknown; but it … Continue reading

I’m An Optimist

I must say, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about Cal Football. Over the last few years, I’d follow what’s happening with the team on BearInsider.com, and I’d get caught up in the usual pre-season excitement; … Continue reading

35 Years Ago Today – The Stanfurd Axe “Theft”

[This is the same version that I posted in November, 2012, but with a couple minor edits. — Dan] The Stanford Axe, symbol of the rivalry between Cal and Stanford, has gone to the Big Game victor since 1933. Since … Continue reading