Finally! – Offense Back On Track

Quick Pre-game post.  I’ll cut right to the chase.

After three weeks of frustration, Cal finally breaks out of its offensive funk and gets back in the 40+ (or 50+) zone.  Utah, UCLA, and U$C watched enough of the Bears’ game film to see that  1) Cal uses precise timing patterns to make its passing game work; disrupt the timing, and you disrupt the Bears;  2) those 3 teams have some of the best cover CBs in all of college football;  3) the Pac-12’s “let ’em play” officiating works to Cal’s disadvantage;  opposing DBs have learned just how much contact they can get away with — and it’s generally a lot!

Kenny Lawler has been blanketed and harassed for the last three games, and he’s been interfered with all season.  Once he starts playing a more physical game, and using his 6-3 frame to his advantage, he’ll get open more, and the Bears will look more like we hoped they would.

Almost game time!

Prediction:  A barn-burner – Cal beats the Ducks, 55-41.

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