Press ‘Reset’

Saturday’s contest between Cal and WSU looks to be pivotal.  First, the Bears are coming off one of the worst losses that a team can experience — a total melt-down & beat-down, all in a horrible rainstorm that had Duck fans heading for the exits — two by two — after the first quarter.

I think that the Bears coaching staff earned their keep during the last week, and convinced the young Bears that last week is far behind them.  Look for the Bears to come out fired up, executing, and looking sharp on offense, and playing adequately on defense (a significant improvement!).  Look for the crowd in Memorial to cheer and encourage The Kid (Jared Goff) so that he can get rid of any bad feelings that might’ve carried over from the OR debacle.

This is also the game where we see Brendan Bigelow break out with a big day — 100+ yds rushing, and finally, a rushing TD.

Most importantly, this is the first game, other than PSU, that our opponent isn’t in the top 15.  And, we’re playing at home.  In nice weather!

Cal wins, 45-38.

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