Time for the Huskies to have a bad day

That’s what it’s coming to, Bears.  After opening the season with four straight wins, the Huskies have a three-game losing streak going.  That’s one of the most encouraging things I’ve heard all day!

UW QB Keith Price has a messed-up finger, and can barely throw.  Will he play?  If he does, will he be handing off to Bishop Sankey all night?  Or will he test the Bears’ depleted secondary with a few throws, just to keep ’em honest?

Look for the Bears to focus on stopping Sankey, and daring Price — or whoever might be in at QB — to throw the ball.

Huskies have another bad game, and either spend their Bye week trying to find it again — or trying to sell the one they found.

Of course, the Bears win, 21-17.

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