ASU – A Critical Game

Today’s game against ASU is another one of those “must-win” games for Cal.  Maybe it’s a “must-win” in the sense that getting to a bowl game will be extremely difficult if they don’t win.  Or maybe it has to do with the amount of heat that will be under Coach Tedford’s backside if the Bears lose…

A lot of people get fairly analytical about this.**  And yes, I’m one of them.  Not just x’s and o’s, but deeper stuff.  In the meantime, it’s pretty clear that the Bears’ offense would be doing a lot better with Matt Summers-Gavin (MSG, for those who are into this), and Dominic Galas at full speed, and at least one or two of their three TEs healthy.  Cal is loaded at the skill positions, as usual, but if Maynard is running for his life, it may be a long afternoon.

Despite the injuries, and despite the rule that limits Bigelow (Bigs) to 6 carries per game [OK, I made that up], I think it’s a close game today. It’s Cal by 4.

ASU has a good team this year, and they might just have Cal’s number.  However, Cal seems to play some of its best games against ASU at Memorial. What the mechanism is, I have no idea — but it’s the same one that has us playing our worst games against U$C, wherever we play them.

So that’s what I think, FWIW.  Time to wrap up my cleaning chores, re-install the iGoBears app on my cheap-ass, memory-limited Samsung smartphone, and catch a few z’s before my 5:30am wake-up for…  Alumni Band Day!  Yes, once again I’ll be making the trek to cold, foggy Berkeley at sun-up, putting 38 lbs of brass onto my left shoulder, and blowing it for Cal.  *Always* a great time.

Update: My body let me know that it was needing a lot more sleep this morning, so no ABD for me this time around. Next year!…

** – “The Roman” and I have this trait in common, but rarely discuss Cal Football at work, since we’re usually crazy-busy with app development.

Go Bears!  Beat the Sun-Dried Demons!

(And happy tailgating to The Roman and the rest of the Tailgate Crew!)

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