Huskies: A Good Team On Paper, But…

The Washington Huskies started the season ranked in the Top 25, and won their first four games — but didn’t look good in the process. They only beat Hawai’i by 1, narrowly avoided embarrassment against Eastern Washington, 59-52, and had … Continue reading

Quick Predict: Cal vs. Colorado

It’s Saturday morning, Bears! And I have to scoot to make tailgate happen… So there’s one more detail to finalize: The traditional Prediction. Simply put, the Bears will bounce back. They’ve put the heartbreak behind them. Cal will run on … Continue reading

Shootout in the Desert

The Cal Bears are 2-0 (yesss!!) and full of confidence. So are the Arizona Wildcats.  This should be an exciting game between two evenly-matched teams. The Wildcats have put up some very impressive numbers in 2014 with their rushing attack, … Continue reading

Hornets Beat the Spread?

As in beating the Spread Offense?  No.  As in beating the point spread. Don’t get me wrong.  I think that Cal will win by a fair margin, but I don’t think it’ll be the shootout that some are predicting. Just … Continue reading

One Game at a Time: Cal vs. Northwestern

What a difference a year makes. Last year, Cal faced the #22-ranked Wildcats with the youngest & least experienced team in the entire FBS, including true freshman Jared Goff playing in his first college game — and everyone was playing … Continue reading

Big Game!

You know what they say about Big Game — “Anything can happen…”;  “Wins, losses, statistics — they all go out the window…” While adages like that have been cause for hope in years past, I think that this year’s Big … Continue reading

Big Win for Cal vs. Buffs

That’s right — you heard me. Cal wins this one.  Big. Colorado’s defense is not very good, and not very deep.  They are precisely the type of defense that the Bears can beat like a drum.  Look for CO to … Continue reading

Trojans cause irritation

At least they don’t bring the horse. Among other positives:  It’s a glorious SaturDAY in Berkeley!  Do the Bears play better on these sunny, picture-perfect days in Strawberry Canyon?  Or do I simply enjoy it more?  There’s a reason why … Continue reading

Here come the kitties

My track record on predictions is pretty decent, all things considered.  I predicted the 2000 market crash, the 2008 crash, the bursting of the Housing Bubble, invested in gold back in 2002, and even predicted the ongoing collapse of the … Continue reading