Cal thankfully has a bye week to digest their, ahem, performance against Utah.  A very tough loss when you consider that just one play at almost any point in the game could have resulted in at least a 7-point turnaround and given the Bears the win.  Almost everyone on the team had a finger in this so it is really unfair to place it all on Goff.  Dropped passes, missed assignments, and bad judgment invaded almost all aspects of the game for Cal.  So the extra time is needed to get back to the fundamentals and play like a team who has to win every game to qualify for a bowl, not just one game.

The good news is that the gauntlet of games against LA State, $C, and the Quacks has gone from a “no-win” scenario to essentially trap games.  Even ESPN’s FPI projections have shifted to the point where each game is close to a toss-up and the Bears are favored against ‘gon for the first time in forever.  And of course that is the problem.  Each of those teams are badly wounded animals and so each of these games are going to be fights to the end.  Cal had better be prepared to face the best of each of these teams and not expect them to play as badly as they have done in recent weeks, such as the ‘ruins crushing defeat by ‘furd.

This week’s trap game features A State going to SLC (probably via LAS and SAC if they are flying Southwest) and after Cal exposed Ooooots QB Travis Wilson as just another Shaggy, expect the ‘devs to fill the box and hold Booker under 100 yards which should be enough to get the win.  Cal’s inability to stop Booker was crucial as ‘tah was able to control the ball for most of the game.  Bercovici and his disrespected gang are not going to play that game – ‘devs by 7.

$C plays Our Lady of the Golden Football in a game that no one is particularly interested in save TMZ for the Sark rehab angle.

UWash and the Quacks face off in a game to determine who actually wants to play football this year since neither team has shown much brilliance.  The winner may contend for the Norris Division.

In other action, ‘bama faces Tam’a in one of those bruising grinding team faces fast exciting team matchups.  Best part is post-game interviews with Saban explaining that his team is really not that bad.

And State faces off against the Michigan 49ers in what can only be described as something akin to World War III.  They may need a fleet of ambulances to cart off the wounded at the end of this.

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