Cal Game Day Review: The Big Game

Short and to the point.

The Worst Big Game I’ve Ever Seen or Followed in 35 years of following these games.

Based on my reading of both books on the history of Cal Football – definitely ranking up there as one of the Worst Big Games in the 115 game history.

I know much has been written about how much better ‘furd was, they are bigger, and better trained, and had fewer injuries, and all that.  And the thing is that the coaches would have known all this before the game and should have come up with schemes meant to neutralize ‘furd, in the same way that Reno did it to us with a smaller, less talented squad.  And in the same way that the Dawgs did it to ‘furd with what is turning out to be quite a mediocre UDub squad.

So this is a failure of coaching at every level and demands a housecleaning on the same scale and proportion as the demolition and reconstruction of Memorial Stadium.

Plus watching the Giants in the post season has been a lesson in what a team can do with small ball, facing adversity at every turn, and just playing better and smarter against incredible opposition.  And Bochy is out managing Leyland who looks pretty much helpless as he looks on at what he thought was an unstoppable line-up.

We’re just not seeing it here at Cal and a 3-9 season is now looking much more probable than 6-6 as UU has looked much more credible against tough opposition in the last few games (although to be frank, they stink too).  More on that in this week’s preview.


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