Can the 2015 Bears Live Up to the Hype?

In a word: YES!

The 2015 Cal Football team is faster, stronger, more experienced, and deeper than in either of the past two years under HC Sonny Dykes.

This year is the year that Cal reaches “critical mass” in two areas:

  1. The Bears’ improved Defense will put more pressure on opposing QBs, and get more stops.  More depth in the defensive secondary will help the Bears give up fewer yards late in games, especially through the air.
  2. OC Tony Franklin’s offense is loaded with fast, capable WRs who are on a rotation throughout the game.  Their mission is to wear down the  DBs, and to test the depth of opposing defenses.  Even if the opponent has a lock-down corner, he’s going to have to come out — and his backup will need to know what he’s doing.

In 2014, the Bears’ offense sputtered, and couldn’t sustain drives against good defenses.  This worked against them, by putting their defense back on the field to soon, and wearing them out, beyond the limits of their depth.

This year, with eight returning starters, the Bears’ offense looks to be much more confident, with better & faster execution overall.  Drives against good teams that stalled last year will turn into TDs and more possession time.  The Defense will rest.  There will be sacks.

The Bears are poised to get “over the hump” on both offense and defense this year, and could do even better than many of the experts are predicting.

Speaking of predictions…:

Grambling has some limited early success, but succumbs to The Bear.  Lots of playing time for lots of people. Cal 52 – Grambling St. 24.  Offensive fireworks display.  Don’t blink, and do not leave your seat — you might miss a score.

Cal does not beat the spread.


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