Pac-1x Week 11 and we still have 3 games left…

Will this season of lost dreams never end?   It seems like it.  My computer is acting up again in a desperate attempt to prevent me from going Olivier over it. ‘furd stomped the Quacks in case you were in a … Continue reading

Pac-1x Preview-Review: Week 10

The Pac-1x is now the League that stole Halloween.  I mean who schedules games on Halloween?   In Pullman, Washington? Anyway, half the games are over with A State and $C prevailing.  The Large Brown Rodents and Pussy Cats are doing … Continue reading

Pac-1x Preview: Week 9

Or do we really have to go out and play?  With this week’s news that Cal’s graduation rate is dead last in Pro College Football, might we suggest that the team stay at home this weekend and spend the time … Continue reading

Pac-1x Preview: Week 8

And my fellow unBEARables, Week 13 (or basketball season) can not come soon enough.  We knew the team was young but despite the predictions of some pundits that this could be a painful rebuilding season, I just felt that the … Continue reading

Pac-1x Preview: Week 7

The good news is that the late start at the Rose Bowl means most folks in the mid-west and east coast will be in bed by the time the body count is determined.  Unfortunately, we’re facing a UCLA team which … Continue reading

Game Day Preview – Week 6

OK, it’s been a rough couple of weeks.  (Nightmares at CMS)  We predicted that the Bears would give up 171 points at this point in the season – and we were laughed at.  The Buh-buh-men came in at 181 points. … Continue reading

Pac-1x Preview – Week 4

First a shout-out to those Bulldogs in the Central Valley who finally got the upper hand on BS after 7 straight losses.  Exciting game, lots of offense, not much defense.  Get used to it… The only game worthy of consideration … Continue reading

Game Day Preview – Week 3

The scheduling gods were kind to us – we’re not playing at the same time as ‘Bama v J. Football, esq.   So maybe we will have a sellout – I heard that the TOSU Marching Band (the best damned darned … Continue reading

Game Day Review – Week 2

OK, so we won.  It wasn’t pretty and we suffered a few more injuries.  But the team showed a little character and didn’t buckle under pressure like a certain bunch of large brown rodents in Corvallis or – worse – … Continue reading


That pretty much describes this week’s lineup of Pac-1x games – if they can be called that. We handle the Vikings.  Easily.  It’s over in the first half.  The second and third strings get playing time.   All is good.  The … Continue reading