Cal Game Day Preview: The Big Game & Pac-1x

The Big Game in October.  Enough said.  At least its not on the Pac-1x channel. OK, I’m going to quote something I said in my season preview: Another great game – if Cal makes steady improvements, they could be peaking, … Continue reading

Cal Game Day Review

Well, that was the most tense sort-of-blowout that we’ve had in years.  It had the flavor of the old Cal, you know the one that you couldn’t be sure had won the game until 0:00 showed up on the scoreboard … Continue reading

Cal Game Day Preview: WaZombies & Pac-1x

This was the game that ESPN’s Miller said we were going to lose in both the Best Case and Worst Case scenarios for the season.  Now its looking like a lock because of the meltdown of Wa into a Zoo.  … Continue reading

Cal Game Day Review: Homecoming

So this year homecoming was on my birthday and you have to admit that beat-down of fUCLA was the best birthday present, especially since my brother is also a fUCLA alum.   Anyway, there was a bit of rope-a-dope to the … Continue reading

Game Day Preview: fUCLA & Pac-1x

OK, where do we start?  To begin with, we all thought that this season would be fun, right?  New stadium with a zillion restrooms and real food cooked within 20 miles.  Lovely terraced landscaping replacing the random forest.  And then … Continue reading

Game Day Review

Seriously, I feel like its Christmas in September and my birthday has been moved up by a week (its next Saturday).  We’ve been arm wrestling with Apple for over a month to get this into the App Store.   And … Continue reading

Game Day Preview: Azoo & Pac-1x

First, some positive thoughts. I will, for a short period of time, not complain about Pac-1x refs after the debacle that used to be known as the NFL. You mean I could have been a replacement ref in the NFL??? … Continue reading

Game Day Preview: TOSU & Pac-1x

What can be said about TOSU that hasn’t been said a million times before?  We go in there as 16 point underdogs, haven’t won there since the French and Indian War, and we’re somewhat depleted on defense.  Oh, and we’re … Continue reading

Game Day Preview: TBirds & Pac-1x

OK, I had no idea that those little clay-mation figurines played football. Really? It’s a team from where? Cedar City? Iowa? Utah. Another Utah? Given that this Cal team couldn’t bother to get out of bed (or attend tutoring sessions) … Continue reading

Game Day Review: Nevada

Got an email from Dan today, “I’m doing terrible.  Downloaded video of the Cal game last night, and watched it this morning.” which pretty much describes everyone’s reaction to the game. Where do we begin?  I started my research by … Continue reading