Private Tailgate Concert

When you’re a well-connected tailgate juggernaut, special things happen. Enough said. Cal Alumni Band arrives at our Tailgate Party “Fight for California” Cal Alumni Band at our Tailgate Party “Sons of California” Cal Alumni band 3 at Our Tailgate Party … Continue reading

Homecoming in Style

It’s been a weird season for us, the hosts of our tailgate gang. This will be our first game as tailgate hosts as a funeral and then injury prevented us from attending the first two games. So it will be … Continue reading

Your Host

Hosting a tailgate is a science unto itself.  What to bring, how to bring it, and when to bring it are all issues worth considering.  Today we’ll start with what to bring. Given that our group started by “tailgating” on … Continue reading

The Best Place

Right now we’re going to nominate – as the Best Tailgating Location in the World – the parking lot across McCovey Cove from PacBell Park (and so it shall remain forever for me). OK, you’ve got a view of downtown, … Continue reading