Press ‘Reset’

Saturday’s contest between Cal and WSU looks to be pivotal.  First, the Bears are coming off one of the worst losses that a team can experience — a total melt-down & beat-down, all in a horrible rainstorm that had Duck … Continue reading

From Portland St. to Ohio St.

If there was ever a game in the nation’s toughest schedule where the nation’s 2nd-youngest team could take a breather, let up, and try not to get hurt, last week’s game against Portland St. was it.  Add the Vikings’ yearning … Continue reading

Viking Invasion

I’m *still* excited from last week! Jared Goff’s performance against #22 Northwestern, in his first college game, was nothing short of spectacular.  Coaches Dykes and Franklin managed to prepare a completely inexperienced, true freshman QB, and an offense comprised mostly … Continue reading

Prediction: Who Will Show Up Today?

That has always been the question — not just during the Tedford Era, but as far back as I can remember.  I’m always optimistic before the first game of the season, when all the unknowns are still unknown; but it … Continue reading

I’m An Optimist

I must say, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about Cal Football. Over the last few years, I’d follow what’s happening with the team on, and I’d get caught up in the usual pre-season excitement; … Continue reading

Go Gian… uh… Go Bears!!

As most of the Bay Area turns its attention to Game 3 of the World Series in what used to be called the Motor City, the Bears might have a sense that some of the support they’ve enjoyed might be … Continue reading

Tight Ends!

It’s way too late, so I’ll be brief. Today’s Big Game is very ‘winnable’ for Cal.  The formula: stuff Stanfurd’s power running game leave Steve Williams and Kameron Jackson in single coverage on Stanfurd’s WRs (if they have any) on … Continue reading

Cal vs. fUCLA – “Comprehensive” Analysis

Today’s analysis is “comprehensive” because it includes so many factors — like Wow! It really is a gorgeous day, even on our normally fog-shrouded coast! Hmmm… the garage sure could use a little organizing and straightening out… Yes, when the … Continue reading

ASU – A Critical Game

Today’s game against ASU is another one of those “must-win” games for Cal.  Maybe it’s a “must-win” in the sense that getting to a bowl game will be extremely difficult if they don’t win.  Or maybe it has to do … Continue reading

What Dan Thinks

Another new feature in iGoBears is “What Dan Thinks” where our intrepid tubist shares with you his feelings about the game, the environment, and what it was like to play the tuba in the Bay-to-Breakers. Anyway, he’ll be able to … Continue reading