Game Day Preview: Azoo & Pac-1x

First, some positive thoughts. I will, for a short period of time, not complain about Pac-1x refs after the debacle that used to be known as the NFL. You mean I could have been a replacement ref in the NFL??? Jeez, I should have applied.

When even the Merc says that your team is one loss away from oblivion, you know something is wrong in River City, or shall we say Creek City. Your intrepid reporter was on a working vacation this week trying to recover from what some have called a “game” with $C. Frankly, I’m not sure what it was. In any case, I think it has come down to the team having to watch game films to see exactly how the game is played as it appears that they are no longer familiar with the rules. Every other team in the Pac-1x is showing some glimmers of life, even the lowly Wazoo (who many have already picked to ambush the Bears). So what’s the story with Azoo? There is talk of national prominence although I don’t see the total personnel there. The defense has been strong, they have gotten some good games from Taylor Kelly, and they can run the ball, too.

But history is on the side of the Bears, with an 8-1 record against the ‘zoo who have gone winless in Strawberry Canyon since 1997. But so many things need to improve since last week. Offensive line. Offensive line. Oh, and Offensive line, too. And that’s about all I can bring myself to say. This has got to be the most talented 1-3 team in Major College Football. To say that Tedford is on the hot seat is putting it mildly, and I have to wonder like others whether this is a pre-ordained lame duck “so long and thanks for all the fish” season. Because it is probably the least inspired coaching I’ve seen so far in Futbol Americano this year.

A quick trip through the Pac-1x and then its time to tailgate.

‘furd (you know I originally mistyped that as ‘frud and I kind of like that) got tripped up by the Dawgs in the Big Kennel and so proved that a huge, mean O-line doesn’t solve all problems in life. Would have been my upset pick of the week had I not been kayaking in Emerald Bay.

Quacks at Wazoo in what will not be a surprise or an ambush or anything of the sort. There’s a reason why these guys are #2. If you have to watch the game, wear sunglasses or the helmet reflections may blind you.

My surprising Large Brown Rodents (why have they suddenly become “my” team?) have a tricky road trip ‘gainst the ‘cats and in what could be an interesting game of cat and mouse. Can the Giant Water Rats maintain poise on the road and push ‘zona toward oblivion. ‘cats put up a good show for three quarters then take nap for rest of game.

And in the game you can skip to mow the lawn, Baby Bears and Bisons face off in the rarified air of Boulder. Another trip up game possible – depends whether fUCLA remembers to bring the oxygen (note: idea for app, Remember the Oxygen). Anyway, Buffs can prove that last week’s win wasn’t just the battle for the last place in the Pac-1x.

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