Game Day Preview: Dawgs & Pac-1x

Oh, did we skip the Game Day Review for UU?  Enough said….

What I thought was one of the worst games in Cal History against ‘furd the previous week was clearly exceeded by this performance against a truly terrible UU squad.  And that’s all I can bear to say.  And in the post-game show, they actually had the audacity to name the Special Teams coach the “coach of the game” or whatever the hell it is.  Seriously.  After two 100-yard kick returns in one game?

And now we hear that Tedford wasted Keenan Allen on an on-side kick with a minute to go.  You put your MVP in that situation – kickoffs identified by the NFL no less as the most dangerous play in the game!

Anyway, back to the problem at hand.  A UDub team that is at once awful and great, frequently at the same time.  Two wins against (admittedly flawed) top-10 teams sprinkled among 4 losses, although the losses came against teams with a total record of 26-5.  Cal’s 6 losses against teams with a 35-15 record (it looked better before laying the egg in Utah).  So both teams have played very tough schedules, but the difference being that the Dawgs came up with a couple of W’s amidst what is turning out for them to be a very disappointing season with QB Price having a Maynard-esque season after his imitation of Cam Newton last year.  Price has lost almost everything this year, his long ball, his accuracy, his running, and he himself admitted to a crisis of confidence.

And of course the one solution to a crisis of confidence is to put the Bears defense up against you.  I’m trying to find the words to describe it – sponge, foam, sea spray, something like that.  Just enough to slow you down, but not enough to trip you or cause any sense of unease as your run 30, 50, 80, 100 yards down the field.  Expect Price to look like Cam Newton, again.

As for Cal…  expect another 20-30 runs into the middle of the line for a loss of 1.  Maybe a short pass or two.  And another 5-6-7 sacks.  Unless lightning strikes.  Maybe we see Bigelow for one play.  Maybe we see Maynard hit from all four directions on the same play like a pinball.  It is just too painful to watch.  We’re told that the line is decimated.  Other teams have lost O-lineman without a complete collapse.  The problem at Cal seems to be that too much emphasis is put on the first-string and the backup players don’t get enough practice or playing time to be able to step in when the inevitable injury strikes.  If you plan your season based on everything going right in College football, you are going to be disappointed every year – because it just doesn’t work out that way.

Cal is (I still don’t believe it) favored by 4.  Dawgs by 24 and I’m home in bed by the beginning of the 4th quarter after a first half so terrible that a fan wearing a goalie mask carrying an axe is seen leaving the stadium, unable to bear the brutality he just witnessed.

As far as the Tosh Lupoi revenge angle, everyone needs to get over that.  Heck, we’ll be stealing a coach and a coaching staff from another team in a couple of weeks….

A quick spin around the Pac-1x.  Quacks at $C.  If $C figures out how to play defense again after their collapse against ‘zona, then maybe they have a chance.  Who am I kidding?   Quacks by 42.  Or 49.  And after the game they’ll drop another 2 spots in the BCS…

The Adams Division has 3 teams with 2 losses ($C, A-State, and the ‘cats), and a leader is going to emerge this weekend with A-State taking on the Large Brown Rodents, fresh from their “pick a quarterback, any quarterback” loss to the Dawgs, in the stadium built by cole slaw.  Both teams burned last week look for redemption and to keep alive their Rose Bowl hopes.

Likewise with the ‘cats taking on LA-State in the very same Rose Bowl.  I call both games a toss-up since each team has fatal flaws that could be picked on, and they are games that may be decided by well-executed game plans and game-time coaching decisions.   That would seem to favor Riley and RichRod but we’ll see.

The other two games aren’t fit for human consumption…


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