Game Day Preview: fUCLA & Pac-1x

OK, where do we start?  To begin with, we all thought that this season would be fun, right?  New stadium with a zillion restrooms and real food cooked within 20 miles.  Lovely terraced landscaping replacing the random forest.  And then there’s the team.  Number one in sacks against.  Number one in negative yards.  And yet some of these guys are going to be playing on Sunday after they graduate.  What’s the matter?

My wife is a social worker and she’s maintained for a number of years now that the Bears missed the boat on modern sports psychology (even though allegedly they have or at least had a sports psychologist for the team).  This would be consistent with the general theme that we’ve got a team that is being coached in the 90s playing 2012 opponents because it certainly looks that way.  The Bears don’t think that they can win, so they don’t.

And now we’re facing another opponent who hasn’t beaten us in Memorial Stadium for over a decade.  And this time it looks like a perfect storm.  One of the top offenses going against our oft-confused defense, and a serviceable defense to prey on our vulnerable offense.  If I were Tedford, I wouldn’t even worry about game film and the big binder of plays – the other guys have the big binder anyway (it hasn’t changed in ten years).  While you can’t put in a new offense in a week, you can run it differently and that’s what they have to do.  fUCLA will want to play up tempo, we just slow the game down.  Snap the ball on 1 or 2 on the play clock.  Huddle.  Put players in motion.  Shift formation once or twice.  But don’t run up to the line, and then stare at the sideline for 20 seconds “awaiting instructions” because that isn’t working.  Either the other guys have the signals (to go along with the binder) or we’re just plain running the same plays out of the same formations over and over again.  It’s probably a combination of the two.

Ball control will be the key to this game (what a surprise).  Turnovers and time of possession.  And we do have a guide – the Large Brown Rodents put a stick in the eye of the Baby Bears in the Rose Bowl in a game they weren’t supposed to be in the same area code.  Use their game plan and their big fat binder.  Because whatever we’re doing isn’t fooling anybody.

Statistically its David vs Goliath so why we’re only a 2.5 point underdog is a mystery to me.   What in God’s name do the oddsmakers think we’re going to do on Saturday.  Well, tune in (your radio) or turn up and see.

As for the rest of the Pac-1x, although the pundits don’t believe the Dawgs can tackle the Quacks, this could be the upset surprise game of the week if the Dawgs are even allowed on to the field by the insane Quack fans.   If the Dawgs keep it close for 3 quarters, they might have a chance this year, otherwise it looks like another blowout for the Quackers.

‘furd coming out of the Dawghouse to face the ‘cats at home should have an easy time of it if they haven’t completely lost their senses.  But you never know.

Large Brown Rodents dominate Wazooo.  Just as well the game is on the P-12 Network as the carnage is not going to be pretty.

And what can you say about $C’s Thursday night win?  Nothing.  Likewise.  $C on road to nowhere the way they are currently playing.

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