Game Day Preview: Large Brown Rodents & Pac-1x

First a few words on the Quacks game.  A very brave performance for almost 3 quarters by the Bears with a couple of special service medals to Alan Bridgford and the O-line.  Its really too bad that under Tedford’s system, the #2 and #3 QBs get so little preparation when it has become so common for teams at this stage in the season to be playing their backup QBs.  And we get the worst ever loss of the Tedford era….

So why be optimistic about this season ending match against the Giant Water Rats?   Well, I think it is obvious by now that this is Tedford’s last game coaching the Bears and the same is probably true for most of the staff.  Word on the street is that this was the “extra year” that Tedford got to show he could turn the program around and that didn’t exactly work out.  Sure, there were injuries, but again show me a team without injuries at this point in the season.  And who keeps their #1 players in games that are out of reach and gets them injured two weeks in a row.  Someone has to be responsible, and if not Tedford, then who.

Bridgford gets another start and has a lot to prove going into next year’s QB battle.  Together with what was supposed to be the best ground attack in the Pac-1x, the elements are there for an inspired upset.  The Large Brown Rodents are frankly in chaos now.  2 losses in the past 3 games has the team questioning everything.  And they can’t help but look ahead to their matchup with the Quacks so ESPN has them on Upset Watch, too.  Mannion will be back at QB – or will he – and for how long?  When your QB is constantly looking over his shoulder, it usually doesn’t end well.   It’s a Toss-up – with the weather playing a major factor – heavy rain could turn it into a ground game contest and Cal has a huge edge there.

$C and LA-State play for the Adams division title and ‘furd and the Quacks play for the Norris division and we’re faced with the awesome possibility of a repeat of last year’s exciting Quacks-Baby Bears Pac-1x championship – yawn.   How fUCLA rescued their train wreck of a season to get this far is simply baffling?  And, of course, how $C managed to turn their championship/Heisman trophy season into a train wreck is also baffling.   But not as baffling as how some pundits think ‘furd has a chance against the Quacks.  Seriously.  These guys need to be tested for hallucinogens.  While Cal demonstrated a valid defensive strategy to put up against the Quacks, I think the Quacks demonstrated that they can adjust and out maneuver a dedicated opponent.  The line is Quacks by 21 and I’ll be surprised if it is that close.  For the Adams division, I’ll go with the home team, completing the meltdown of $C.  In the end, they blame it on the horse.

The rest of the Pac-1x has a couple of teams staggering into Bowl games – Dawgs potentially finish on a 5-game winning streak with Colo and Wa-State victims 4 & 5.  Oooots playing their hearts out to become bowl eligible against ‘zona and Colo.  And likewise with A-State taking on Wa-State to become bowl eligible.  Depressing to say the least.

Basketball season looks good…

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