Game Day Preview: Nevada

OK, so its 2:38 am, I just finished baking the Blackberry Crumble for the tailgate crew (that will be next week’s recipe) and I’m drawing a blank as to what the potential outcome for the game will be.  So I google “Cal Nevada Analysis” and I strike gold.

Minivan-sized Asteroid Exploded Over California

Well that explains a lot about the last time these two teams met.  Something surely had gone haywire because the Other Dawgs were running the same play over and over and over again to great effect.  Some blamed the loss on a particular player who was MIA, but the bottom line is that defense against the option requires either discipline or great speed and preferably both.  Size doesn’t hurt as well – in high school we had a guy on the D-line who was so big that he once took out both options simultaneously.  But I digress.

We have had similar problems against UCLA’s pistol offense where we turned a non-running quarterback into Pac-1x player of the week.  So I’m playing the Missouri card for this game – if the Bears can show some discipline and maintain their composure against a flurry of deception and trick plays, then maybe they do cover the spread.  For my money (if I were a betting man) I’m still thinking Cal by 3 because it is just too early in the season to have the chemistry to slow down that pistol offense.  But I’m also thinking that at least one of the stellar Cal offensive players will have a monster game.  Could be at tight end, running back or wide receiver?  All depends on the offensive game plan.  And if Reno does pay too much attention to Allen and Treggs, then that would open things up for one of the other players.

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