Game Day Preview: Ooots & Pac-1x

OK, just how bad are the Ooots – almost as bad as Cal right now.  Working with their 3rd quarterback of the season, coach Whittingham has had that “can we just get this nightmare season over with” expression on his face for the last few games as UU has looked almost helpless as they actually were in position to upset teams like $C and the Large Brown Rodents.

Quote of the week goes to him:

“We just haven’t made the pivotal, momentum-changing plays in games,” he said. “The majority of them have gone against us.”

What else is new when you’re 0-4 in conference.  But they’ve got two good players who could control the game.

RB White IV has been an underperformer all season and yet they keep handing the ball to him as part of the “can we just get this season over with” strategy.  Both Anderson and Sofele have more yards, TDs, etc, but given the way this season is going, expect White IV to have his season high, let’s call it 164 yards and 3 TDs with a long run of 71 yards (his season long is 29).

But the real problem is that we’re facing a Star on defense.  Star Lotulelei, the 325 pound defensive tackle from Tonga, has also been an underperformer all season.  Everyone acknowledges that he’s going to be playing on Sunday, but with UU he’s just another guy with again less than flashy stats.  That is, until he faces the team that has allowed more sacks and negative yardage plays than anyone on the planet.  If I were Maynard, I might come down with the flu and a 106 fever just so I can stay home.  Star was the main reason why the Oooots almost took $C.  Worst case: 6 sacks and 5 TFLs.  Things get so bad that Tedford routinely punts on 3rd down to give Maynard time to recover  from the hits.

We’re favored by 1 or 2 and I even called it Cal by 1 in my season preview – this was always a trap game.  Weather won’t be a factor.   Sounds really stupid, but game comes down to blocking (Star) and tackling (White IV).  If the team does those two things, we win, and probably win big.  Otherwise, another painful game to watch, and apparently even the Pac-1x network tried to get out of showing this one…

Going around the Pac-1x, two critical games start separating out the contenders in the Adams division as $C face the ‘cats and LA-State face the ‘ils – both in ‘zona.  Winners are put in the drivers seat – losers start figuring out which Car Parts Bowl looks best in December.   I like the home teams in both games.  $C just isn’t $C this year.  And LA-State is vulnerable (understatement).

In the Norris Division, upset pick of the week has the Dawgs making a game of it ‘gainst those pesky Giant Water Rats in Really Awful Cable Company field in Raintown.  Way too many variables in this one including rain, a field that is really unfamiliar to the Rodents, and the whole question of who the heck is the QB this week.  Riley dishes out the best BS in the Pac-1x, and the fact is that Vaz looked terrible against the Ooots and Mannion would be back in there if he were on crutches.  Question is whether he really is ready.  Expect Dawgs to blitz early and often.

‘furd hosts the WaZombies, and the Quacks hosts CU (as in CU Later).   If you need cheering up, compare how we’re doing to WaZoo and CU.   Small probability ‘furd might let their guard down – very small.  For Quacks, tune up for probably the 4 toughest games this season for anyone – @ $C, @ Cal, ‘furd, and @ Rodents.   OK, 3 of the toughest games…

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