Game Day Preview: Quacks & Pac-1x

Again we will skip the Game Day Review as that game was truly for the Dawgs.   We left at the end of the third quarter – the sight of the truly awful Cal offense was really making us sick.  And seeing Maynard turned into a pretzel would not have been the highlight of my season.

Instead, here are some interesting stats.

On Google, searching for “Tedford hot seat” yields about 28,700 results.

The Lakers fire their coach after losing 4 games – Cal waits over 20 games.

At this point in the season, it is no longer if but when.  And the good news is that the pundits has Cal as one of the easiest programs to rebuild because of the facilities, reputation, weather, and conference.  There are about a dozen excellent candidates out there, and that doesn’t include the handful of coaches who aren’t on the market yet because they haven’t gotten their pink slips.  Most interesting candidate is Sonny Dykes, coach of high-scoring LA Tech (not to be confused with LA State) and of course someone familiar with the Bay Area from playing San Jose State.  You have to figure that the right coach for the Pac-1x is a guy who can crank 50 points a game out of an offense.  And word on the street is that Chip Kelly will be moving on to the NFL after this season, win, lose or draw.

As for the Quacks, one would like to see a repeat of the miracle game of 2010 that we should have won, but that’s just not going to happen.  And I hope that Kenjon Barner isn’t going to join a long list of running backs setting their career highs against the Bears as that would mean something like 400 yards.  Let’s hope it stays competitive for a quarter.

‘furd takes on the Large Brown Rodents in the “did you get the number of the guy who’s playing quarterback?” bowl where some Hogan guy will probably face off against some Vaz guy.  Expect the other QBs to be back in the game in the 4th quarter as both coaches question their own tactics in a tightly contested game with at least one INT per quarter.  Toss-up.

A-state visits the really bad Olympic stadium in a last ditch effort to save their season – and a chance to put a stake in the heart of $C’s.  Both teams are mathematically in the running for the Adams division title, but fUCLA is in the driver’s seat.

Other games (like the Cal game) are lopsided match-ups, although a revived Oooots squad could take down those Dawgs in awful cable company field in Raintown.

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