Game Day Preview: TOSU & Pac-1x

What can be said about TOSU that hasn’t been said a million times before?  We go in there as 16 point underdogs, haven’t won there since the French and Indian War, and we’re somewhat depleted on defense.  Oh, and we’re going up against the #6 rusher in the country, who happens to be a QB.  No, not again.  At least they don’t run the Pistol – but it’s Urban Meyer so they run God only knows what sort of spread/option offense he’ll have in store – and if you recall past games against Utah with that other Alex Smith (you know the one that suited up against Green Bay last week), we’re in for a long morning.

Add to that these comments from the Urban one himself:

“I expect much more. I expect a stadium to be an inferno, I expect players to be diving over each other to hit quarterbacks, I expect the offense to score a multitude of points and celebrating in the end zone,” he said this week. “No, it’s nothing close.”

With California (1-1) coming to Ohio Stadium for the first time since 1971, Meyer wants the expected crowd of 105,000 to be more involved. At the same time, he recognizes his team needs to be more intense in order to light a fire under the fans.

Well, if ever a Cal team need something to put up in the locker room to motivate them, that is it.  If TOSU has a “down game” and somehow manages to lose, expect TOSU to announce a new stadium building program, because those 105,000 fans will surely tear this one down.

Cal still has a chance.  On offense we can use our speed and try to do the old West Coast offense, short passes turning into long gains.  Maynard will only have a few seconds in the pocket – I expect the TOSU players will be “diving over each other to hit quarterbacks” so he’ll have to hit his first option on almost every play.  But those options include 3 of the best wide receivers and 1 of the best tight ends in college football.  Can TOSU play pass defense, or can they just rush the passer?   And could an over-eager pass rush open up the running game with the simple draw play if the O-line can influence the D-line.

A quick rundown of the Pac-1x this week.

Wazoo has already taken down them Rebels (what is it about Las Vegas that makes them the Rebels???) in front of what I always consider to be the happiest football crowd in College Football in Las Vegas – that stadium is small, close to the field, and the drinks are great.  One day we’re going to tailgate down there – must be awesome.

Marquee game is [email protected] or it is $ or something like that.  Anyway, Greeks vs Geeks is shaping up to the revenge battle of the century as $C tries to figure out what the heck they have to do to beat the furdians.   Seriously, ‘furd has beaten $C three times in a row.  OK, they were all with the second coming of Plunk-it, but still we’re talking the NFL team in Los Angeles.  Anyway, unless ‘furd comes up with special Google magic, take $C by 21.

Quacks are playing some team with the initials TNT.  Makes no difference to them.  They are composed of C4 or some other exotic compound.  Another game not suitable for children.

‘zona state and ‘zou face off in the battle of the ‘z’s.  I plan to catch some zzzz’s during this game.

In the battle of the Gods, the Book of Mormon takes on the Sun Dance of the Ooooooots.   While the true believers are favored, don’t count out a late game rally by the indigenous folks when the crowd breaks out the Bear Dance.  Always an entertaining game.

Bison vs Bulldogs in the race to the bottom of college football. Both teams reaching new lows.  Maybe they should both call it a season.

And finally a surprisingly weak Houston team makes their way to the Rose Bowl, takes a tour, and goes home.  Oh, you mean they have to play a game there.  Test for Mora – can he actually get his team to realize that they have to play a game there, too.  Upset call of the week.

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