Game Day Review

Seriously, I feel like its Christmas in September and my birthday has been moved up by a week (its next Saturday).  We’ve been arm wrestling with Apple for over a month to get this into the App Store.   And now that we know what can be approved, we’re going to make some improvements (notably iOS 6 / iPhone 5 stuff – the current version 2.0 runs on iPhone 5 in letterbox mode) just for fun to close out the season.
And, I know, on top of everything else, the team is, shall we say, under-performing.  As I was walking away from the Stadium (is it the curse of the tree sitters?), a couple of young guys who looked like recent graduates (so they probably never experienced the dry years we have) and one said to the other, ‘the worst thing is that they massively suck’ or something like that.  Then they hugged and went their separate ways.  Bonding over bad football.
My friend John texted me during the game and said essentially “so does this mean 3-9”.  If you watched ‘After the Game’ on Channel 7 after the real football game they showed between T Boone Pickens U and TexASS, they had exactly this discussion (after doing a eulogy for Tedford).  They looked at the schedule like I did and the only two wins they could find in the remaining games were at Wazoo and at Utah – both unpleasant road games and ESPN’s Miller has already called the Wazoo game a loss.  So we could be looking at best case 2-10, worst case 1-11.

And after Tedford took a knee to close the first half with 30 seconds left to a chorus of boos (duly noted on ‘After the Game’), I think it is pretty clear that his letter of resignation is sitting in Sandy’s or Birgeneau’s vault waiting to be opened December 1.   Why not just open it now, and give the team to Ron Gould. Hell, I’d pay money to see the wishbone, power I or straight T formation brought back with Sofele, Anderson and Bigelow.  Quarterback – who needs a friggin quarterback.  If we’re heading for 1-11, I want to do it in style.  Let’s roll up 400 yards rushing on ‘furd.  Let’s see the guys with the 4.5 GPAs out of Fairview Prep catch Bigelow.  Frankly, I don’t think anyone in the Pac-1x has the talent to cover 3 different backs going every which way on every play.  Then there is what to do with the receivers – well they can come around on reverses and screens.  It would certainly be more fun to watch than seeing Maynard getting the crap knocked out of him. Seriously, we lead the country in sacks and negative yardage plays, and we have not played against 5 great defenses.  Something has to change.

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