Go Gian… uh… Go Bears!!

As most of the Bay Area turns its attention to Game 3 of the World Series in what used to be called the Motor City, the Bears might have a sense that some of the support they’ve enjoyed might be on the wane.

One thing about Cal Football that never changes, year after year:  When Cal fans — even life-long, die-hard, Old Blues — start to give up on the team, somehow they rally, play over their heads, and surprise the bejeezus out of all of us.

So the question is, which team shows up today?  Which coach shows up today??

Last week, in the Big Game, Stanfurd dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.  As Coach Tedford persisted in “establishing the run”, it became clear that running the ball between the tackles was not going to work.  As Cal’s OL got completely handled by Stanfurd’s DL, there was nowhere for the guys with the ball to go.

Given that situation, all I could think was “Why aren’t they running wide?  Why aren’t we testing Stanfurd’s weakness — speed and pursuit — by running sweeps?  Why not use the Fastest Running Back in the Pac-n to make that DL run from sideline to sideline?

Oh well.  Big Game is in the past.  (And I know this because I woke up on Thursday morning, feeling like I needed to make stuffing and put a turkey in the oven.)  Bottom line:  Guessing about who’s going to show up — team-wise and coach-wise — is nearly impossible.

We’ll see if Coach Tedford learned anything about how to deal with a good DL from last week’s experience;  if not, it could be a long evening for the Bears (and their non-SF-Giants fans).

[ No runs for the Giants in the 1st; Tigers coming to bat….]

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