New for 2014: Golden Parking!

The 2014 Cal Football Season brings many exciting & new things to Strawberry Canyon:

  • A vastly improved football team!  (Yessss!!)
  • A new way to find a parking spot in Berkeley on game days!!

That’s right — if you’ve ever spent precious Saturday minutes searching high & low in every conceivable part of Berkeley & environs, cursing & blaspheming, wondering why there’s no @#%!&$* places to park in this town, as you listen to Joe Starkey describe the opening kickoff on your car radio, we offer a new & unique solution: Golden Parking!.

Golden Parking is a part of the iGoBears mobile app that helps drivers to find parking on game days in Berkeley. It’s crowd sourced — people who see a parking spot can post its availability with a couple clicks; Berkeley residents who have a spot in the driveway (or a guest permit), as well as groups, churches, or fraternities who have one or more spots available can post them, too — for free. All you need to do is stand where the open spots are, and click a button or two.  It’s easy to help a fellow Bear!

How Parking Bear Works

On any Home Game Day, you will be able to Share Parking Spaces and Find Parking Spaces with Parking Bear.

Parking Bear is only available from within the iGoBears! 2014 Bear Fan Guide mobile app, and is only available on Home Game Days!

Find Parking Spaces in Berkeley

Start the iGoBears mobile app.  Then simply touch Share & Find Parking -> Find Parking Spaces, and Parking Bear will give you a list of Available Parking Spaces in order of proximity to your location.
Each entry indicates whether the Parking is Street or Off-Street, the Number of Spaces Available, and, if Off-Street, the Cost of Game Parking.
Each entry is also time stamped so you can see how long ago the Parking Space was listed.
Touching a Parking Space brings up details with options for Directions and Street View.
You may also click on Map and Nearby to see views of the Parking Spaces on a Map.

Share Parking Spaces in Berkeley

Share vacant Street Parking spaces in Berkeley on Parking Bear by clicking on Share & Find Parking -> Share Parking Spaces, and touching Street and the Number of Spaces Available.

Share vacant parking spaces in a parking lot or on your property in Berkeley, by entering Share Parking Spaces, touch Off-Street, enter the Cost of Game Parking, and the Number of Spaces Available.

You just need to be near the Parking Spaces – Parking Bear will look up your street location and handle the rest.

We hope that this makes your game day experience in Berkeley a little more joyful — no matter how the game goes!  If you have any feedback, let us know at [email protected]

Don’t forget — iGoBears also has up-to-the-minute driving times from all over the Bay Area, plus real-time BART departures.  We’ve got you covered!

And don’t forget to download the iGoBears mobile app:

Go Bears!!

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