Norris Division Showdown

Winner has the inside edge in the Norris Division.

Both teams are 3-2 in their last 5 games. Once again Cal has the edge in offense, the Dawgs in defense.

Line is Cal by 2 showing that the oddsmakers just don’t know what to make of either team at this stage of the season.

Cal has avoided serious injuries so far and that may be the most important stat of the season.

Dawgs just don’t look right and this may be a rebuilding season for them which Cal needs to take advantage of.

In other Norris Division action, ‘furd looking strong after consecutive victories over Beavs and Troy but still lacking fundamentals by many measures.

‘zona and ‘cla face off for the lead in the Prince of Wales Division, a game which should see as many as 6 players expelled, assuming that LA State can find that many players to suit up after their plague of injuries.

‘tah and ‘gone meet in another early season showdown which I think is a toss-up despite Vegas giving the the Utes 10.5 points.

These three games will potentially reduce the 4 unbeaten teams in the P-12 to just 1.

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