On the menu

For the first foray into the tastes of tailgating, we present our own tailgate menu for Opening Night.  Next week we’ll present a featured recipe.  Every week we have an email thread where each tailgater puts their dish on the line so we avoid duplication (a tailgate with 8 plates of cheese and crackers could be scary).

  • Home-grown tomato salad
  • Papaya Salad
  • a Grilled carnivore or herbivore item
  • Cold pizza or cheese & crackers
  • Lamb kabobs
  • Triple-mushroom Vegetarian Arizmendi Pizza with the bake finished on the BBQ grill using a round pizza stone (we’ve perfected this technique)
  • an “interesting” salad
  • Blue and Gold Tortilla chips with homemade Guacamole (the dip representing Northwestern)
  • cheese, fruit and who knows
  • Cookies
  • Our contribution is Opening Night Special Cake (usually decorated in team colors) plus some snacks based on what we find at the local Coastside farmer’s market on Saturday morning

Go Bears!

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