Football is a mental/emotional game, and I think that this Cal team is in an excellent frame of mind. They showed that they can pull a game out of the fire (last week’s road victory at OSU), and this week, I think they use that confidence to finally beat U$C at the Colisseum.

The Bears will be nearly back at full strength — and just in time. WR Trevor Davis will be returning, and the extra few days of rest will help the other banged-up WRs. More importantly, Avery Sebastian will return to action, joining Stefan McClure at safety. Their experience will give the Bears a huge boost; U$C’s offense is all about play action, and they eat inexperienced safeties for lunch. (Hint: If you see U$C WR Nelson Agholor wide open, check to see who’s playing safety.)

This will be a real test for the Bears. U$C is a better team on paper, but if Cal is close near the end of the 3rd quarter (and I believe they will be), they stand an excellent chance of getting deeper into U$C’s depth chart, and moving the ball through the air.

This will be a hard-fought game, and the young Bears will need to be resourceful and execute well in order to move the ball. Daniel Lasco won’t have gaping holes to run through, like he did up in Corvallis, but he’ll make some tough yards, and he’ll move the chains.

Cal wins this one, 38-35.

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