The Standard One, Two, Three Four

Something quick and easy for this week.  A traditional West Indian Planters Punch – the so called 1-2-3-4 recipe from The Gentleman’s Companion.  One advantage of this is you can mix up a batch at home and then combine with crushed ice at the tailgate and serve.

This is the original receipt from the first discovery of the drink.

  1. Part Sour (lime juice)
  2. Parts Sweet (sugar or gomme syrup)
  3. Parts Strong (Jamaica rum if you have it – we’ll do it with Hawaiian)
  4. Parts Weak (water and ice combined) – and use shaved or quite fine cracked ice, please…

Doctor this with the usual dash of Angostura (or 1 tsp per Quart), shake hard, and serve with ice left in the glass.

America, when not having time to dally with its drink as a correct West Indian planter is supposed to do, sometimes transposes the quantities of “strong” and “weak” –making the rum four parts and the water three, instead of as given above.

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