Sandbagging Aztecs

The online forums for San Diego State have been ablaze with the flames of Alumni discontent.  Why?  Because SDSU’s ball-control offense scored only one TD for the entire game against the Toreros of the University of San Diego — who have a grand total of Zero scholarship players.

No, SDSU isn’t “doing a Stanfurd” — they went up by 3 scores, and just decided to use one page of the playbook.  They’ll be looking to play smashmouth football at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, taking long marches down the field, and keeping Cal’s potent offense on the sidelines.  SDSU’s level of play last week was not an indication of how they’ll play against Cal.

That said, I believe that Cal will be ready for SDSU.  This will be a first test for the Defense, and I think that they’ll do quite well at stopping RB Donnell Pumphrey up the middle.  When he gets outside, and is up against our safeties, he may see a bit more success.

SDSU is a good team, but no match for Cal’s skill players — as long as the OL can give QB Jared Goff enough time to find open receivers.

Cal beats the Aztecs, 52-24.

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