OK, didn’t we say, “After all, who cares about what happens on the field, we want to have a good time BEFORE the game so we really won’t feel terribly bad if things don’t quite work out as planned for our beloved Golden Bears – and if you’ve been a fan for more than a year or two, you know what I mean.”

So forget about those other apps that shower you with statistics and scores – you want to be happy, right?  This is the place.

Now you’re going to ask, what is the secret to successful tailgating?

There are three “ingredients” as shown in these photos of our first Tailgate Party of the season: food, drink, and teamwork.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, we are blessed with having one of the best amateur tailgating teams in the business.  Yes, we’re not going to compete in the whatever-its-called-this-week Raiders-As-Warriors sports complex tailgate championships, but we do pretty well considering that some in our crew take public transportation to the game.

With respect to food, this is what was on the menu for a 9.30 tailgate (so breakfast/brunch was the theme):

  • two kinds of quiche, broccoli & cheese and cheese & onion, still warm from the oven
  • Padron pepper and cheese frittata
  • artisan bagels and three varieties of cream cheese
  • rugelach
  • sweet rolls & donuts
  • foccacia
  • scones
  • fruit salad, strawberries, and pineapple
  • blackberry crumble

In the drinks category, as Betty had noted in her Wines section, everyone was going for champagne and we were no exception.  Next week I’ll record the vineyards and vintage but let’s just say we had three very fine bottles of champagne, and we even made the Champagne Velvet described in the Drinks section.

And it did actually taste pretty good.  Champagne coming in at the front and the Guinness bring on the aftertaste.

Also on the drinks front, a kind gentleman from the next tailgate down came over with a pitcher (actually it was something like a plastic half-gallon bottle cut into a pitcher) of what he considered the ultimate Ramos Fizz using a recipe his family had perfected years ago and poured us a few.  We will visit the Ramos Fizz in a drinks column later in the season.  What was interesting about this gentleman was that his father Ed McKnight had been honored as one of the Cal Fans of the Game during the last season in Memorial Stadium, for not having missed a Cal home game since 1934.  He passed away last year and we all drank to his memory!  Go Bears!