The Best Place

Right now we’re going to nominate – as the Best Tailgating Location in the World – the parking lot across McCovey Cove from PacBell Park (and so it shall remain forever for me). OK, you’ve got a view of downtown, you’ve got a view of the bay, sailboats are passing by, and you’ve got a view of this beautiful stadium. And you’re on a flat piece of land which is relatively easy to reach from an Interstate. Seriously, that is Tailgate Heaven. And its where we played last year. In a baseball stadium. Oh, come on, it wasn’t that bad, and the tailgating was awesome. But I’m informed that I must redirect the discourse back to Berkeley and environs…

Of course, the first thing you need to tailgate is a parking space. Good luck. No one in Berkeley has seen one of those since the 60s.

The reality is that some small lucky number of folks do get the privilege of parking in one of Cal’s storied parking structures or, as it was in our case, the hole left in the ground after the seismically challenged parking structure was torn down, the infamous Underhill Field (now making a comeback along with the stadium).

If you are used to say, the Rose Bowl, or midwestern or even East Coast tailgating, “urban” tailgating is a different experience. A good portion of tailgaters have to make do with multi-storey car parks which we used to sneer at – until we got moved into one for this season (the aforementioned Underhill).

Prior to the redistribution of the wealth by the ESP Program, we had a parking spot in the Foothill Lot which we will throw out there as the best tailgating spot in Berkeley (knowing full well that you have your own opinions) so please email us (go to About…). Foothill is challenged by many of its features. It is at the absolute top of campus, can only be reached from the North side, and I think got upgraded from one to two porta-potties. After the game, when you’re exhausted, tears streaming down your face from having your heart broken not once, but half a dozen times in the 4th quarter, you have to climb a steep hill to get back to your car. We’ve seen some people take an hour to make it up that hill. But this is where some of the big tailgates with multiple tents and satellite TV are set up. We enjoyed rubbing shoulders with them for a number of years and gradually upgraded our equipment (BBQs, tables, chairs, ice chests, etc). More on equipment, food, and drink later this season.

I see my time is up – quite literally – since this app has to go into Apple for their review like in 5 minutes… please remember that this is our first release in a work in progress – our plan is to update the release at least 4 times this season with new tidbits and features for each home stand so be sure to keep an eye on your App Store updates.

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