Trap Game!

Every year we have our annual Trap Game special – it’s usually one of the ‘state schools and this year it is Wazzoo.  And especially appropriate with the undefeated Bears looking to go 5-0 for the first time this century of something like that.

The brilliant and confused Mike Leach brings yet another rolling question mark of a team into Memorial Stadium and who knows what might happen.

Despite less than stellar defensive performances against UWash and UText, especially during late game jitterfest, Vegas has the Bears as almost an 18 point favorite.  I would propose that 18 points is what may be scored every 10 minutes during this game.  This is The Game for the Bears defense to step up and show that holding the Dawgs under 300 yards was no fluke.  That’s a tall order against a team averaging almost 450 yards a game.

Cal has demonstrated an ability to put pressure on the quarterback and sniff out trick plays so this may be the game that it all comes together.  Expect the game to be closer if the Wazzoo quick passing game can move the ball on Cal, otherwise it may be a blowout.

According to ESPN’s team efficiency rankings, Cal is overall #12 so maybe they are doing something right…

In other P12 action, LA State attempts to demonstrate that they can play an entire game with 10 men on the field against A State.  Literally anything can happen in this game.

‘furd faces ‘zona in what might have been a real test for the Indian Trees if half of the ‘cats weren’t in the hospital.

The P12 could be described as “fair and balanced” with only 3 undefeated teams left, everyone is at least at .500 (although that will change today) and almost every team has major talent.  With major teams falling in the other big time conferences, there is an opportunity for the P12 to be a major factor in the big trophy playoff this year.

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