unnamedCal enters the NCAA tournament with an unprecedented #4 seed despite not being able to play defense for 4 seconds in a truly painful loss to the Utes in the P-12 tournament.  Finally, some respect from the NCAA selection committee?  Perhaps.  But of course Cal can’t make it easy and Tyrone Wallace has to break his hand (non-shooting) in what was described as a non-contact drill the day before the Bears take on the Bo’s (I don’t buy into this latent Bo Warrior stuff).  So you can throw that 4.5 point advantage into the wastebasket.  Good news is that smart folks like the Bears without Wallace, who consistently overdribbles into a less than stellar assist-to-turnover ratio and let’s not even get into the (improving) free throw numbers which lead to Hack-a-Tyrone antics.  Without Wallace, the Bears still have 4 solid double-digit scorers and 3 big men who can control the boards at both ends.  The defense has been the key to the 9 (should have been 11) wins out of the last 11 games, and the performance of Jabari Bird has also been stellar throughout that streak.  Teams tend to show jitters in these neutral court games so I expect the game to develop slowly but the Bears prevail 70 to 60.

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