Our wine correspondent is missing in action, so I’ll just have to give you an idea of what we’ll be drinking on Saturday.  Among the bevvies arriving are:

  • a Pinot
  • a Malbec
  • a Petite Sirah
  • a Zin

and we’ll be bringing a bottle of what has been a surprise for the whole pretty snobby wine group.  The Fresh and Easy chain of markets has their own version of Two Buck Chuck called The Big Kahuna (Catch the Wave) which comes in various “flavors” at about $2 a bottle.  The Spanish Tempranillo is the best of the lot and it is described as “a light and fruity red with flavors of strawberry and raspberry on the nose and palate” and it delivers.  We’ve brought it to many social events and folks have thought it was a wine well above its stature.

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