Your Host

Hosting a tailgate is a science unto itself.  What to bring, how to bring it, and when to bring it are all issues worth considering.  Today we’ll start with what to bring.

Given that our group started by “tailgating” on Kleeberger (now Maxwell Family) Field in the BYOB area before they banned BYOB, we had nothing but food and drink in bags and backpacks (now banned).

Looking for a new venue, it made sense to use our parking spot in the Foothill Lot and our tailgate tradition was born.  So we started with one 4′ folding table, a few folding directors chairs, and paper plates and utensils.  Our first BBQ was a pretty pathetic compact square unit with unbelievably uneven and uncontrollable heat.

Since then we’ve moved up in quality and quantity of equipment.  In addition to the directors chairs, we have 2 triple-seat camp chairs that are like mini-sofas.  The first table was joined by a custom script Cal painted folding coffee table and then by one of those “forever” tables from Costco.  And we’ve moved up to green reusable plates and utensils made out of recycled materials.

The latest acquisition is a Weber Jumbo Joe tabletop grill with an 18.5″ diameter cooking surface.  The Weber kettle is a legendary device – last year we brought our full-size unit to the games which was kind of crazy but also very convenient.

And round it off with a couple of coolers for ice and beverages and you’ve got a pretty good tailgate set up.  Sure we don’t have DirecTV (no Pac-1x network anyway) and a full bar, but we do pretty well with what we’ve got.

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